Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Retrovision: Jyl- Mechanic Ballerina

Even today in the era of reissues and remasters this act remains quite enigmatic. The project was fronted by by American female vocalist Jyl Porch while the production matters remained in the hands of Ingo Werner. The video is produced by Joachim Ballon and features footage of Jyl from 1985. The song was featured on Jyl's only album released in 1984.

Instant Hit: A.T.R.O.X.- Overture to the Tales

"Overture to the Tales" was the opening track from the second album by the Italian minimal wave act A.T.R.O.X. Like this tune, the album included eleven other tracks, in which the band explored synthetic electronic sound with a superb experimental vein. The album from which the singles was taken was titled 'Water Tales' and was originally released in 1984 and reissued in 2015. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Next Wave: Albertus Cabinet

In this Next wave feature we are taking a small trip to Argentina as our next duo is from Buenos Aires. They perform under quite enigmatic name Albertus Cabinet and consist of Juan Ruso and Roberto Massoni. To this date, they have released one EP in 2016 and this year saw the release of their debut album 'The Visible or Invisible' with nine new tracks. Their music is sort of ambiental electronic experiment exploring the atmosphere and darkness of space. Our preference track from the album are "Statistics, I Don't Feel Special" and "It Saves My Life". As for now the album is available on Bandcamp mp3 and FLAC. Hope you enjoy! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tuxedo Gleam Release New Album

California based minimal synth-pop duo have released a new studio album titled 'Subtleties' in April this year. The album contains ten brand new tracks including "Decay", the first single to be taken from the album. The band is just continuing with what they have started with their first releases in 2013. Their music is synthetic, cold and very dynamic. Aunt Gleam and Angel Marie are responsible for the whole music arrangements and the visuals. The album is available here