Friday, January 27, 2017

Sixth June to Release 'Virgo Rising' in February

Sixth June have announced the release of a brand new studio album titled 'Virgo Rising'. This will be their first album in four years and a follow up to their debut 'Everytime' released in 2010. As for now only the lead track "Night Before" is available for listening. Nice to hear some Sax mixing with the usual Sixth June arrangement. The album will be released through Aufnahme + Wiedergabe and is already available on pre-order.

WAW: Baustelle- Amanda Lear

The Italian band Baustelle have announced the release of a brand new album 'L’amore e la violenza'. We were very excited to discover this "Amanda Lear" tune which we believe will be the first single from the album and to lead us into another great synth pop year. 
The video for the song was directed by Barbara Guieu.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Goldfrapp Announce theRelease of New Album 'Silver Eye'

Goldfrapp are back! The band announced through their official page that their 7th studio album will be entitled 'Silver Eye'. As all the previous releases this one will be released through Mute and the first single of the album "Anywhere" can already be streamed below. As per first single it seems that they are mixing their upbeat and downtempo styles. The album will include 9 more tracks and is officially set for release on March 31st 2017.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Drab Majesty Release their second album 'Demonstration'

In 2016, we had a huge crush with their song "The Heiress" and this is where the story with Drab Majesty begins for us. Happy to see that they have released a new album. The new album will be entitled 'Demonstration' and for those who never listened to them, Drab Majesty blend goth with 80's synths and art post-punk sound and visuals, recalling Clan of Xymox and the Cure. The band will also embark on an extensive tour which will include Europe as well. The first single from the album entitled "39 by Design" is already available on Youtube.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Piano Magic to release their 12 Studio Album 'Closure'

Piano Magic are back with a brand new album which celebrates 10 years of Piano Magic. The band released their debut album 'Popular Mechanics' in 1997 and another eleven studio albums followed to this date. This new album was recorded in London between April and August of 2016 and features guest appearances from Peter Milton Walsh of The Apartments, Audrey Riley (go-to cellist for The Go-Betweens, Nick Cave and more). ‘Closure,’ will be formally released by Second Language Music on January 20th 2017 worldwide on CD, 180gm vinyl and digital download formats. The first single form the album is entitled Exile and can be streamed below.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

'No Plan' EP Marks One Year of David Bowie's Passing Away

A year after his passing away, a new EP has posthumously been released through Columbia and Sony. This release is entitled 'No Plan' and it is coinciding with what would be David Bowie's 70th birthday. Some songs appeared in the Broadway musical Lazarus and were originally recorded during the Blackstar sessions. The EP is out now digital with the lead track "No Plan".

Transfigure Release Debut Album Translation

First head up for this year is the news that Transfigure finally have released their debut album. Following their EP releases from 2014 and from last year, comes their first long player. The album will be entitled 'Translation' and it will contain 8 tracks, out of which the lead track "Fields" was already featured on their EP from last year.
Hailing from Newcastle, the duo reflects the city club feel in some songs while on the other hand they also tend to be emotional and introspective. Musically they collect and end echo the best from the late's and and early 90's electro forms from the likes of New Order, Pet Shop Boys and St Etienne.

Stream and buy here.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Retrovision: Curiosity Killed the Cat- Down to Earth

Born somewhere on the crossroads between 1986 and 1987, Curiosity Killed the Cat made their chart debut in the UK with "Down to Earth" reaching #26. This Prefab Sprout inspired sound with jazz and funk influences was becoming more and more popular among bands of that time and they contributed to the sound that would eventually become popular as Sophisti-Pop.
Welcome to 1987!