Thursday, September 14, 2017

Sally Dige Releases her Second Album 'Holding On'

Danish-Canadian audiovisual artist Sally Dige has released a new album. We have been following her career from the early starts, with the Petroleum by Product and Cult Club fame and it was always interesting to see how her music corresponds with her art expression. 'Holding On' is Sally‘s second album, following her debut 'Hard to Please' from 2015. The album was created during the time of intense inner turmoil and the songs are written for dance floors, but are sung about loneliness, death and the meaninglessness of existence. The album was released on September 13th on Avant! in Europe and DKA in North America, with two separate cover designs.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Retrovision: The Communards- Tomorrow

Thirty years ago the Communards released their seventh single titled "Tomorrow" which was taken from bands's second album 'Red' released during the same year. For reasons unknown the single only went to # 23 in the UK charts.  It is one of the songs in the run for the 1987 Top 40 Singles. Don't forget to add your list.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

WAW: Marc Almond- How Can I Be Sure

Marc Almond has revealed a brand new video for the song "How Can I Be Sure" from the forthcoming album 'Shadows & Reflections', out 22nd September. The music video reminds of the old 60's music video and was directed Directed & Produced by Paul Green.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

1987- The Singles - Submission

This fall we will continue with our 30 year anniversary of 1987 with the selection of Best single releases. As mentioned, an interesting year which was still sort of a crossover year in which some music styles from the first half of the decade started to transform into new genres raising new musical opportunities and opening stages for new kids. The European market was mostly dominated by SAW releases while in the USA it was mostly Madonna, Whitney Houston, U2 who were holding top positions on the charts for several weeks.
Along the commercial level, the creativity was also in bloom in all variety of sounds from Jangle Pop all the way to new trends in electronic music.

 At this stage, we would once again like to invite you top submit your Top 15 list. In order to make it easier for you, we have added around 100 songs that fit the context of of what we post on our blog. There are of course others and that can be included, but they should be official released.
 D/L September 30th.















Prince- I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
Prince- Sign "" the Times
Prince- U Got the Look









Friday, September 1, 2017

Instant Hit: Shoc Corridor- Traveling by Hand

“Traveling by Hand” was the final track on Shoc Corridor’s debut album ‘Experiments in Incest’ which was released in 1983. In masterful way the album blends synth wave electronica with psychedelic oriental sounds and industrial acid. “Traveling by Hand” indeed catches and resumes album’s sound in one unique formula. ‘Experiment in Incest’ was reissued in 2015 for the first time by Dark Entries.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

New John Maus Releases Announced

John Maus has announced the release of a brand new album entitled ‘Screen Memories’. The album was written, recorded, and engineered by Maus over the last few years in his home in Minnesota and it will be his first album since 2011. ‘Screen Memories’ will be available on Limited Edition LP, Standard LP, CD and digitally and it will be out on October 27th on Ribbon Music. 
In addition to Screen Memories, a career-spanning six album box set is now available to pre-order, which includes the box set exclusive LP Addendum scheduled for delivery on April 20, 2018.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Martha and the Muffins mark a Forty Years Anniversary with New Song Release

Martha and the Muffins are celebrating a 40 years anniversary and to mark this occasion, they have revealed a new song entitled "Summer of Song" which is also available on CD Baby. We expect to hear more on the Martha and the Muffins reissues.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Next Wave: Ships in the Night

Ships in the Night is Charlottesville, Virginia based electropop act led by Alethea Leventhal. Alethea has started releasing music in 2015 and released two EPs as SitN. The music of Ships in the Night is well balanced and atmospheric dream pop which is poured down on you and true to the title, it is a perfect nighttime mate. This year sees the release of Ships in the Night debut album which is titled ‘Myriologues’ and includes 9 studio tracks. The album is available on Bandcamp.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Instant Hit: Neuland- Gehirnamputiert

"Gehirnamputiert" was the only release for the German NDW band Neuland. The song was released in 1982 and was featured on their only album 'Neuland'. The album was released via Ariola and to this date it was not reissued.

China Crisis Reissues

Caroline International has announced the reissue of the first three albums by eighties Liverpool band China Crisis. This includes the 1982 debut 'Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms', the follow up from 1983 'Working With Fire and Steel' and 1985’s 'Flaunt The Imperfection'. All three albums were originally released on Virgin and have been remastered from the original tapes for these new expanded editions and have been produced with the full cooperation of the band. All three albums are due for reissue on 1 September 2017.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

WAW: Boy Harsher- Motion

Boy Harsher are back with a brand new release. With the video for the song "Motion" they are announcing the release of their EP "Country Girl" which seems to continue with the sound they have started on their debut album 'Yr Body is Nothing'. The album will be available via from October 27th, 2017. The video is starring Kristina Esfandiari and it was directed by MJ Bernier!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Bronski Beat to Release the 'The Age of Consent' for a new Generation

Bronski Beat's founding member Steve Bronski has teamed up with singer Stephen Granville for an expanded reworking of 'The Age Of Consent'. The reworked version will be entitled 'The Age Of Reason' and will include reworked version of most of the songs from the original album plus three brand new tracks. The Age Of Reason comes seven months after original keyboardist Larry Steinbachek died. The original lead singer Jimmy Somerville left the band in 1985 and formed a partnership with Richard Cole as the Communards. After they disbanded he has enjoyed a successful solo career. The Age Of Reason will be released on 28 July 2017.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Retrovision: Jyl- Mechanic Ballerina

Even today in the era of reissues and remasters this act remains quite enigmatic. The project was fronted by by American female vocalist Jyl Porch while the production matters remained in the hands of Ingo Werner. The video is produced by Joachim Ballon and features footage of Jyl from 1985. The song was featured on Jyl's only album released in 1984.

Instant Hit: A.T.R.O.X.- Overture to the Tales

"Overture to the Tales" was the opening track from the second album by the Italian minimal wave act A.T.R.O.X. Like this tune, the album included eleven other tracks, in which the band explored synthetic electronic sound with a superb experimental vein. The album from which the singles was taken was titled 'Water Tales' and was originally released in 1984 and reissued in 2015. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Next Wave: Albertus Cabinet

In this Next wave feature we are taking a small trip to Argentina as our next duo is from Buenos Aires. They perform under quite enigmatic name Albertus Cabinet and consist of Juan Ruso and Roberto Massoni. To this date, they have released one EP in 2016 and this year saw the release of their debut album 'The Visible or Invisible' with nine new tracks. Their music is sort of ambiental electronic experiment exploring the atmosphere and darkness of space. Our preference track from the album are "Statistics, I Don't Feel Special" and "It Saves My Life". As for now the album is available on Bandcamp mp3 and FLAC. Hope you enjoy! 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tuxedo Gleam Release New Album

California based minimal synth-pop duo have released a new studio album titled 'Subtleties' in April this year. The album contains ten brand new tracks including "Decay", the first single to be taken from the album. The band is just continuing with what they have started with their first releases in 2013. Their music is synthetic, cold and very dynamic. Aunt Gleam and Angel Marie are responsible for the whole music arrangements and the visuals. The album is available here

Monday, May 22, 2017

WAW: Chromatics- Shadows

Chromatics are back with a brand new release titled "Shadow". In the context of the return of Twin Peaks, after 25 years and the launching of Season 3, it pay tribute to the legendary Julie Cruise. In line with that Johnny Jewel has released 'Windswept'. It's atmospheric and dreamy, and fees like he is paying homage to the Angelo Badalamenti TV-soundtracks.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Swing Set's Second Album Reissue on Blackberry Way Records

Blackberry Way Records have announced the reissue of Swing Set’s second album ‘The Soul Remains’. The album was originally released on Blackberry Way Records in 1990 and garnered airplay and reviews around the world. Twenty seven years after the original release this great blend of Guitar pop/rock with a wonderful lead track "Dreamin' You" will be reissued. There are also rumors of a possible follow up release with new songs. To see more about this and other exciting releases, please follow the link below.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Schonwald Announce their Fourth Studio Album

Schonwald have announced their fourth studio album 'Night Idyll' to be released on June 1st via Manic Depression Records. The Italian duo consisting of Alessandra Gismondi and Luca Bandini still focus on a atmospheric and synthetic darkwave sound drawing inspiration from New Order, The Cure, Suicide with guitars echoing My Bloody Valentine and Curve. The new album is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp and the duo have released, “Love Collides” as a preface to their dark sound.

The band is currently touring as part for the promotion for the new album.
May 19 Cueva Rock – Cagliari + Digital Disorder, Uncodified
June 8 Bus Palladium – Paris + Soror Dolorosa
September 8 NCN – Nocturnal Culture Night – Leipzig
November 25 SOUNDFIELDS WAVE – Deinze + Ash Code, She Past Away

Monday, May 15, 2017

OMD Announce New Album for September

OMD have announced the release of a brand new studio album ‘The Punishment of Luxury’. The album will be contain 12 brand new tracks including the possible single "La Mitrailleuse" which is available instantly on Album pre-order. The album will be available in 7 formats and it will be released on September 1st 2017. The band will also be heading out on tour in support of the album later in the year. Tickets go on sale on Friday 19th May.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Instant Hit: Rive Gauche- Friends Are Friends

Rive Gauche was a short lived minimal-synth duo from Belgium who only released one single during their brief existence in the mid-80’s. Both songs on the recorded featured the singer Carol who also released “Breakdown” in 1981 (featured here) and who later made appearance on the cover of this song by Snowy Red.The song “Friends are Friends”/ alt."Friends and Friends" was also featured on ‘A Tribute to Some Bizarre Vol.12’ compilation which was released unofficially.

Also featured here.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Retrovision: Swing Out Sister- Twilight World

Thirty years ago “Twilight World” entered the UK charts. It was the fourth single release for the Manchester based Swing Out Sister. The single appeared on their debut album ‘It’s better to Travel’ which went straight to Number 1 on the UK charts.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Orginal Bananarama Line up Reunites for a Tour.

Amazing news from the house of Bananarama! Siobhan Fahey will join the other two founding members Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward after almost thirty years for a fifteen days tour in the UK. Although their reunion seemed very unlikely to happen, the ladies proved they still got the pop, the beat and the power for a 10's round. Who knows what else this great reunion might result in, new recording material perhaps. Let's hope for it! Until then, grab your tickets.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Saint Etienne announce new Album for June

Saint Etienne are back with a brand new studio album 'Home Countries'. This is their first release since their "World and Music' from 2012. The new album was produced by Young Gun Silver Fox’s Shawn Lee along with other collaborators. It will feature 19 tracks with "Heather" being the lead track and it will be released in June on Heavenly.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Next Wave: Fader

Neil Arthur from Blancmange has teamed up with Benge of Wrangler and John and The Maths fame to create music as Fader. Together, they have put several songs resulting in the their first album entitled 'First Light'. As it is announced, the album will be "a twist of electronic Songs with haunting atmospheres". The songs were recorded and mixed at Benge's MemeTune Studios while Arthur recorded his own vocals in his home studio. The album will contain 11 studio tracks and it will be out on June 23rd.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

WAW: Arca- Reverie

A Venezuelan electronic producer better known for his stage name Arca is back with a brand new studio album and his first release on XL Recordings. His eponymous third album will include 13 tracks out of which four have already been released as singles including the "Reverie". The video for the single was directed by Jesse Kanda.

Sparks Announce New Album and Tour

Sparks are back with a brand new studio album. Appearing on BBC Six Music, Ron and Russel said that the new album will be entitled 'Hippopotamus' and it will be released in September. A video for the title track has also been announced and you can watch it below. The band has also announced the first run of European Tour starting in August.

Fiat Lux Reveal "Secrets" 2017

We have stumbled upon some really great news for the Fiat Lux fans. This year, one of their trademark singles and the first song that got us into them has been rerecorded and reissued as "Secrets 2017". The song was originally released in 1984 when the band also planned to release their only album "Hired History" which was shelved back then and whose rights still lies in the hands of Polydor records. 
David and Steve, the the two remaining members (Ian Nelson who sadly passed away in 2006) did an interview with Electricity Club, in February this year which gives some exclusive information about the band itself, about the lost album and much more. More info here.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Instant Hit: Die Form - Slow Love

Die Form released "Slow Love" in 1986 as a single on the French Label Attitude. As most of their music it was some fine electro synth-pop in the veil of darkness. The song was backed with "The Beast" and "Metaphase" both performed by Cécile Ke. The song was later included on the 'Poupée Mécanique' reissue from 1990.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Alphaville to Release 'Strange Attractor' in April

Alphaville are back with a brand new studio album! Their eight studio album is called 'Strange Attractor' and it is the first release in seven years. The album includes 13 new tracks including "Heartbreak City" which is the possible first single. 'Strange Attractor' is expected to be released through Polydor on April 7th.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Modern English Release 'Take me to the Trees'

Modern English is back with a new studio album in more than seven years. The album is entitled ‘Take me to the Trees’ was funded via Pledge with an originally planned March 2016 release. A year later, they have officially announced its release. The album was recorded, produced and mixed by Martyn Young from Colourbox and MARRS, who also adds additional keyboards. It has been released on February 24th and it is available on Paper/Cardboard Sleeve.

Retrovision: Fire Inc- Tonight’s What it Means to be Young

Introduced as ‘A Rock & Roll Fable’, Street of Fire was released and became hit in 1984. The film is a mix of musical, action, neo-noir, drama, and comedy, with elements of retro-1950s and 1980s. It also provide a brilliant Soundtrack from which today we remember “Tonight’s What it Means To be Young” originally sang by Ellen Aim and in the movie performed by Diane Lane.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Erasure Announce New Album for May

Erasure are back! They have announced the release of their seventeenth studio album which will be entitled ‘World Be Gone’. ‘World Be Gone’ features ten new tracks written, performed and produced by Erasure and was mixed by Matty Green and it will be available on CD, Vinyl, Cassette (with download code) and via Digital Download. The album will be released via Mute on May 19th 2017.

Clan of Xymox Announce a New Album 'Days of Black'

Clan of Xymox have announced the release of a brand new studio album coming this March. Their 16th studio album will be entitled 'Days of Black' and will include 12 new tracks. The album will be released end of March in USA via Metropolis and in Europe through Tristol. A small tour will follow in April after the official Album release.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WAW: Sondre Lerche- Soft Feelings

We stay in Norway for our current We are Watching (WAW) video. This time, we would like to present a brand new video by Sondre Lerche for the song "Soft Feelings". The video is taken from their upcoming album 'Pleasure' which is going to be released in April. The video was directed by Johannes Greve Muskat.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Instant Hit: Clockwork Orange- Sensation Boys

Clockwork Orange was a short lived Norwegian synthpop act which only released on single during their brief existence in the 80's. It was called "Sensation Boys" and it was released on Temptation Records in 1985. It must have been quite underground back then and had this dark tone to it, but could have also the mainstream well. Today it pretty much lives up to the standards of this genre. The song was reissued as a single again in 2015 under the name "The Last Sensation", this time including a demo from 1984 and a new and the remix version of the song.

A Flock of Seagulls- 'Remixes and Rarities' to be Released in March

Cherry Red Records will release a a new Remixes and Rarities compilation in March. This time. it's A Flock of the Seagulls' compilation coming on two discs which will include tracks from their most productive and successful period (1982- 1986). There is a variety of the song versions including the remixes, live versions and also 12". The compilations is set for release on March 24th 2017.

Disc: 1
1. I Ran (So Far Away) (U.S. 7″ Version)
2. Space Age Love Song (7″ Version)
3. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (7″ Version)
4. Nightmares (7″ Version)
5. Rosenmontag (Shorter Version)
6. Transfer Affection (7″ Version)
7. I Ran (Live)
8. It’s Not Me Talking (7″ Version)
9. Never Again (7″ Version)
10. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (Long Version)
11. Nightmares (12″ Version)
12. Committed (Short Version)
13. The Traveller (Live)
14. The More You Live the More You Love (Full Moon Mix)
Disc: 2
1. I Ran (Longer Version)
2. Never Again (the Dancer) (12″ Version)
3. Heartbeat Like a Drum (Full Length Version)
4. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (U.S. Edit 12″ Promo Version)
5. The Flight of Yuri Gagarin (Full Length Version)
6. Rosenmontag (Long Version)
7. Nightmares (U.S. 12″ Promo Version)
8. I Ran (So Far Away) (Edited Version)
9. Never Again (the Dancer) (Re-Mix)
10. Space Age Love Song (Live)
11. Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You) (Short Version)
12. Who’s That Girl (She’s Got It) (Instrumental)
13. Single Medley

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Tempers Release New EP 'Fundamental Fantasy'

Tempers have released a brand new EP titled 'Fundamental Fantasy'. This is their first release since the long player 'Services' was released in 2015. The have kept their synth driven melancholic and gloomy darkwave sound expressed in four brand new tracks. The new EP is out on The Vinyl Factory and can be previewed below.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Best of 1987- The Album List

Time to roll with the 1987 Albums campaign! Another interesting year which was still sort of a crossover year in which some music styles from the first half of the decade started to transform into new genres raising new musical opportunities and opening stages for new kids.
This year was also a quite an innovative one, MTV Europe was launched, "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" is the first single being released on CD and the cassette tape was becoming more and more popular.
As for the synthpop, Ersaure and Pet Shop Boys were still keeping the mainstream afloat with it as were the the pop hits form the emerging Stock Atiken Watermen pop factory. Rick Astley's single "Never Gonna Give You up", became the best selling single of the year.
As for the other music tendencies, House music was growing slowly and taking over the danclefloors. On the different side indie pop/rock was in bloom giving more diverse and alternative forms.
Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel were honored the Brit Awards for best male and female.

As the result of your comments and votes, the album list for 1987 in 2017 is as follows:

1.     Depeche Mode- Music for the Masses 
2.     The Cure- Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
3.      U2- The Joshua Tree
4.     The Smiths- Strangeways, here we come  
5.     R.E.M.- Document
6.     INXS- Kick
7.     The Jesus and Mary Chain- Darklands                                    
8.     Pet Shop Boys- Actually
9.     Echo & The Bunnymen - Echo & The Bunnymen
10.   Sinead O Connor- The Lion and the Cobra
11.   George Michael- Faith
12.   Prince- Sign ' the Times                                
13.   David Sylvian- Secrets of the Beehive
14.   Love and Rockets- Earth, Sun, Moon
15.   The Sisters of Mercy  – Floodland
16.   The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me
17.   10000 Maniacs- In My Tribe
18.   Sonic Youth- Sister
19.   The Cult- Electric
20.   Dead Can Dance- Within the Realm of a Dying Sun
21.   Dinosaur Jr.- You're Living All Over Me      
22.   Siouxsie & The Banshees- Through the Looking Glass
23.   The Wedding Present- George Best
24.   Midnight Oil- Diesel and Dust
25.   Dead or Alive- Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know                 
26.   Suzanne Vega- Solitude Standing
27.   Happy Mondays- Squirrel and G-Man 24 Hour Party Ppl Plastic Face Carnt Smile
28.   Erasure- The Circus
29.   Psychedelic Furs- Midnight to Midnight
30.   Chris and Cosey- Exotika
31.   Spacemen 3- The Perfect Prescription
32.   Eurythmics- Savage
33.   Aztec Camera- Love
34.   Curiosity Killed the Cat- Keep Your Distance
35.   Bryan Ferry - Bete Noire
36.   Mick Karn- Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters
37.   Wire- Ideal Copy
38.   ABC- Alphabet City
39.   Bruce Springsteen- Tunnel of Love
40.   Lloyd Cole and the Commotions- Mainstream