Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lust for Youth - Announce the Release of a New Album in March

Lust for Youth have announced the release of a brand new studio album 'Compassion' in March. This will be their brand new studio album and a follow up to their album 'International' which was released in 2014. Based on the stream of the song "Stardom", they seem to continue with their perfect bland of moody and hypnotic post-synth sound which they stared on their second album. 'Compassion' is set for release on March 18th on Sacred Bones Records. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Colin Vearncombe (Black) - 1962 - 2016

Another sad news for the music world, as yesterday it was announced that Colin Vearncombe from Black has passed away. The 53-year-old has had sustained swelling on his brain and was in coma after his car accident. "Wonderful Life" and "Everything is Coming Up Roses" are still great songs and alwyas bring up nice childhood memories. His early singles still remain as the obscure treasure which hopefully will be released on day. Last year, he released 8th and final album 'Blind Faith'.

In 2007 we did a small presentation with emphasis on early Black

Thanks for the great music!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Retrovision: Eurythmics- It's Alright

"It's Alright" was the final release for Eurythmics from the album 'Be Yourself Tonight' released in 1985. The song managed to chart in the UK during March 1986 so this is the 30th anniversary for the song release. Sadly the song did not have big impact on the US charts. The song's music video, directed by Willy Smax, was a combination of live shots with computer animation, an innovative look for a music video in the mid 1980s.


Monday, January 11, 2016

WAW: Get Well Soon- It's Love

Get Well Soon will return with a brand new album this month. This will be the fifth studio album for Konstantin Gropper's band and it will be entitled 'Love'. Here is the first video and possible single 'It's Love' which features the German Actor Udo Kier. The video was produced by Matthias Murmann. The album is going to be released though Caroline Records and it will be out on January 29th.


David Bowie 1947 - 2016

It was quite a shocking moment of morning coffee when my colleague told me the news about David Bowie's passing away. I was just thinking, that's not possible! Slowly, I begun to realize and was saddened by the news and the fact that the music world has lost it's biggest star ever. Six decades of music and body of artwork, more than 25 studio albums, more than 100 single releases, and more than 1000 fragments of colours, images and impressions.
You will be missed and your legacy will certainly live on. This has been a fantsastic voyage!
Thank you David!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Geneva Jacuzzi's New Album 'Technophelia' Announced

Medical Records have announced the release of a brand new Geneva Jacuzzi album in February this year. The album will be entitled 'Technophelia' and it will be her first full length album in five years. he album was co-oproduced by Chris Coady and features a blend of DiY and professional recordings, inspired by left-field wave such as Ronny and Gina X. The album will come one high-quality 180gram white vinyl and it will be out February 5th.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

John Cale's 'Music for New Society' to be Reissued

It's been 46 years since John Cale released his first single and album. He never really left the music scene and was pretty much present in every decade. Now 33 years after the original release one of his most unique solo records 'Music for New Society' will be reissued. The Album has been completely re-mastered from the original files, while its download card includes three exclusive tracks. Along with the album comes M:Fans bonus which includes old tracks reworked in the new context to resonate with the digital age. 
In 1982, Music For A New Society sounded exactly like its title: something futuristic, a new kind of songwriting exercise. Today, M:FANS is exactly that too: full of electrical crackle and disturbed frequencies, a different kind of dystopian future awaits. 
Below you can see the video for the song 'Close Watch' which was one of our Top ten videos on 2015 and the original version from 1983.