Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Simple Minds' 'Big Music' to be released in early November

Already in May this year, Simple Minds announced the release of a brand new album. We're here just to give quick update on it. This will be their 16th studio album entitled 'Big Music'. The album release was announced with the release of two videos for the songs "Blindfolded" and "Honest Town". The official album release is set for November 3rd. To promote the album they will go on tour next year kicking of in February.

The Wake Release 'Testament'- Best of Compilation

Factory Benelux has released 'Testament', a comprehensive 'best of' collection by influential Glasgow group The Wake. 'Testament' includes tracks recorded for cult labels Factory and Sarah Records. It combines key album tracks with singles including "On Our Honeymoon", "Something Outside", "Talk About the Past", "Of the Matter" and "Crush the Flowers". 
Also included are a previously unreleased 7" edit of 'Pale Spectre' and 2012 studio outtake Clouds Disco. The vinyl edition includes an exclusive 54 minute bonus CD featuring 21 early live and demo recordings from 1981/82, preserved in the tape archive of Joy Division/New Order manager Rob Gretton. Among these priceless lost recordings are 7 songs never before heard even on bootlegs. 
The matt reverse board artwork is based on the artwork for an unreleased cassette edition of 'Here Comes Everybody', designed by Peter Saville. 
Follow the link for the track lists and additional information


Friday, September 5, 2014

Thomson Twins' 'Remixes and Rarities' out this September

Thirty years ago the Thomson Twins released their most commercial album to date 'Into the Gap'. I somehow feel that they actually never grew old and that they remained as one of the great examples of a typical 80's band with a unique and distinctive image.
To bring up some good memories and even more rare goodness Cherry Red Records announced the release of 'Thompson Twins Remixes & Rarities'. The two-CD set brings together extended remixes of all the classic singles including "Sisters Of Mercy", "In The Name Of Love" and "Love On Your Side", alongside some choice rarities such as the single/AOR version of "The Gap", early B-side "In The Beginning and Fools In Paradise (King For A Day instrumental)". 
Everything is being remasterd from the original tapes and collection will be released this September 2014    

Thompson Twins / Remixes & Rarities track listing:
CD 1
  • 1. Love On Your Side (Rap Boy Rap) 7:25
  • 2. Lies (Bigger & Better) 6:35
  • 3. Lay Yours Hands (US Remix) 5:51*
  • 4. In The Name Of Love (12” Dance Extension) 5:39
  • 5. You Take Me Up (Machines Take Me Over) 7:33
  • 6. Watching (You Watching Me) 5:53
  • 7. In The Beginning (7” B-side) 3:14*
  • 8. We Are Detective (More Clues) 5.50
  • 9. King For A Day (US Mix) 7:20
  • 10. Doctor! Doctor! (Extended Version) 7:20
  • 11. Long Goodbye (Extended Mix) 7:56
  • 12. The Gap (Single/AOR version) 3: 53*
  • 13. Big Business 4:13 *
CD 2
  • 1. Sister Of Mercy (12” Version) 9:26
  • 2. Roll Over (Again) 6:50
  • 3. Love Lies Fierce 6:58
  • 4. Lay Your Hands On Me (1985 Extended Edit) 5:12
  • 5. The Gap (Extended Version / Club Remix) 8:34
  • 6. Don’t Mess With Doctor Dream (Smackattack!) 6:10
  • 7. Nothing In Common (Club Mix) 7:38
  • 8. Hold Me Now (Extended Version) 9:54
  • 9. Revolution (Extended Mix) 6:25
  • 10. Rollunder 4:40*
  • 11. Fools In Paradise 4:45*
Previously unreleased on CD