Thursday, July 31, 2014

WAW: Keluar- Fractures

Good news for the fans of Linea Aspera because one half of the duo Zoè Zanias  who provided vocals has a new musical project. Not far where Linea Aspera stopped but even more complex and very rhythm orientated. What started as an exchange of material and ideas between Berlin and London gave birth to this new group entitled Keluar now based in Berlin. They released two EPs for Desire records. We're little bit late with this because our time off, but with good music, one is always on time.


Top 20 Singles- Readers' List-1984

Hello folks, we would like to introduce you to another singles poll on our blog. After the Album list poll which is currently running, we have made a list of 175 singles and would kindly ask you to submit your best and favorite songs from 1984. Please send us your favorite songs in the form of top ten if possible. It's easy, just leave a comment below the post. We really look forward to them!!
Feel free to add your own songs, but might the tags:
#new wave, #post-punk, #synth-pop, #minimal-wave, #italo-disco, #goth, #art pop, #jangle pop, #pop #indie ---

1.Bronski Beat- Small Town Boy 
2.Echo & The Bunnymen- The Killing Moon 
3.a-ha- Take on Me 
4.Dead or Alive- You Spin Me Around 
5.Prince and the Revolution- Purple Rain 
6.The Style Council- Shout to the Top 
7.Talk Talk- It’s my Life 
8.Gary Numan- Berserker 
9.Frankie Goes To Hollywood- Two Tribes 
10.Siouxsie and The Banshees- Dazzle 
11.Billy Idol- Eyes Without a Face 
12.Duran Duran- New Moon on Monday 
13.Leonard Cohen- Dance Me to the End of Love 
14.The Smiths- What Difference Does it Make 
15.Pet Shop Boys- West End Girls '84
16.Prince- When Doves Cry 
17.Eurythmics- Here Comes the Rain Again 
18.Alphaville- Big in Japan 
19.Prefab Sprout- When Love Breaks Down 
20.New Order- Thieves Like Us 

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reissue: Soma Holiday- Shake Your Molecules

In April this year Minimal Wave released a remastered reissue of Soma Holiday‘s cult classic, "Shake Your Molecules". Soma Holiday was a Franco-American duo consisting of Jean-Marc Vallod (FR) and Jane Honicker (US), based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn back in the early 1980s. They recorded “Shake Your Molecules” along with “Too Many People” and “Art Dimension” in 1984, at Unique Studios in Manhattan. The studio was known for being the first NYC studio with MIDI capabilities. 
 This new remastered 12" edition features four tracks by Soma Holiday, the original “Shake Your Molecules” mix, the unreleased dub version and two other unreleased outtakes of “Too Many People” and “Art Dimension”, all from their 1984 studio recordings at Unique Recording Studios. Soma Holiday’s Shake Your Molecules EP is pressed on 180 gram oxblood vinyl and limited to 999 copies. Full color gloss sleeve with two sided insert featuring photograph of Soma Holiday in front of their home in Brooklyn and full liner notes with text by Jean-Marc Vallod. Release date: April 30th, 2014.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Retrovision: The Chills- Pink Frost

Thirty years ago The Chills released the haunting and atmospheric "Pink Frost". One somewhere said "Creepy beauty from the far south" and I think this is the right sentence to describe this lo-fi, post-punk, goth feel tune. Their biggest and probably most essential hit was recorded in 1982 and this is also where it belongs. This might be the song that defines the band and gives the absolute high water mark in New Zealand's jangle pop history.

Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Singles and Tracks! far..

Previous few months, I took some time from blogging concentrating on things in my private life so the blog did suffer and the regular single updates in the form of Singles Round Up weren't updated on the regular basis. If you follow Synthematic you might have heard some of them. For those who didn't, here is the selection of twenty songs, tracks and singles that we think are essential listen for this year. This is part one. Enjoy and please vote for your favorite tune at the bottom of the post.

Eternal Death- Head
 Back in January Eternal Death came out from nowhere. It was not a name that you would immidiately look at by discovering new music. Then I realized it was released by well know Swedish label Labrador Records best known for releasing albums by The Mary Onettes and Club 8 and other good bands. In the case of Eternal Death, the name is not just a name it is also a musical statement. "Life's about dying" says the musician who has recorded one of the best songs in 2014. Even though the motives are darkness, death, noise and strange dreams the melody raves it up touching all senses from head to toe.

Keep Shelly in Athens- Old Time Glory
"Old Time Glory" seems to be Sarah P' official farewell to the band she spend her time from the early beginning. Sarah is going to focus on her own musical career, while the old band will continue with the new singer. They have also announced the follow up to the their debut album 'At Home' which was released last year. If this hooky synth pop is what the album is going to offer, it certainly allures for more.

iamamiwhoami- Hunting for Pearls
New ventures for Jonna Lee began this years or better say continued where she stopped in 2013. Introduced by the song "Fountain", she continues to deliver delightful synthish dream pop wrapped in a nice art package of consistent sculpture of beauty and creativity. Follow up single "Vista" was released in April and the album 'Blue' comes in Autumn. Stick around for that.

People at Parties- Mineral Material
Recently we introduced People at Parties as the big New wave thing almost thirty years after its beginning decadence.They are young and fresh, deliver perfect energy, hypnotize you with every beat. It's pop but with avantgarde undergound feel. "Mineral Material" was the first song that got me into them. First few second of the sinister synth lines and I was there. Singer LK Naps voice only completes the listening pleasure blending with the music. If you haven't, be sure to check out their debut album which is out now.

Lust for Youth- Illume
Lust for Youth have pretty much been around in the recent years with their blend of dark and minimal electronic sound. With "Illume" things have changed, the mystery is solved and the new shiny and polished pop is here. This might have given me a small flashback to 1988 and the big opening lines of "Domino Dancing", but then the vocals take the song to the other direction. Their new costume certainly is for wider audiences and we hope 'International' gives them the international breakthrough.

Client- Refuge
Client are back! Ten years after the original band member and founder Sarah Blackwood left. Did not give high hopes for the new Client when I heard the news, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear the new song. Client have stuck to the original concept the coldness , the uniforms, the drama and the most important the Electroclash which has become rare in the electronic music. The video was directed by Carlo Roberti. Regarding the album, no other stand outs for now. 

Beck- Waking Light
With years passing his music gets better and more complex and more underrated. 'Waking Light' might be my most listened song of the year and the song I wake up to, I fell asleep and it is my birthday song because it was released then (found out today). A song for the lovers, a lush psychedelia of rhythms and beautiful call back to the 70's. Morning Phase is one of the most anticipated albums this year and marks Beck's change to Capitol.

Violence- Halo
Violence is a Canadian electronic duo who have released their debut album this year for Visage Musique. One of the lead tracks and the first single is the song "Halo"a relaxing and chilly space synth to drift away to. Generally speaking, their musical concept compromises of sun, niche construction, geometry and chaos. Their debut album is imaginary adventure through ten stations giving a unique experience, named after the German word 'Erlebnis'

The Horrors- I See You
The Horrors are back with the new album 'Luminous' this year. No love on the first listen expect this one song that did stand out from the first listen. New ambient neo-psychedelia is not a stranger to The Horrors fans anymore, as the mood is similar as on the previous album. Long intro, growing guitar driven dreamy synthetic pop. "I See You" is the second single from the album.

Vogue Dots- Skinny Thing
Vogue Dots are a new experimental pop duo from New Brunswick, Canada. Did not hear much but this one song "Skinny Thing" that keeps me going for months. They say it's the music of surrealistic edge and synth-based structures. Somehow its dreamy, upbeat summery lo-fi electronic. Their debut EP is entitled "Toska" and is out now. To stream visit their bandcamp page. be continued!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Next Wave: People At Parties

People at Parties is a self produced bi-costal trio based out of brooklyn ny and San Fransisco California and is made up of LK Naps (Vocals) Kelly Harris (drums) and Becky Kupersmith (synths). They have been creating their brand of 80's synth-low-fi for over 2 years now. They first made waves in the underground dance scene with melodic synth-pop Flexi-Disc EP on Project Infinity Records featuring sing-along-drum heavy anthem ”Say” that resonated with new listeners who appreciated the cross-genre influences the band evokes.
 The bands first official full length self titled release came out November 22nd 2013 in digital form with official vinyl to be pressed in February 2014. The LP was a self release, offered to fans on a sliding scale donation basis. The record was preceded by a remix by producer/performer André Obin. The bands decision to put the album on a sliding scale basis is part of their goal to promote creativity get closer to fans and create a community of people that will gain access to more than just the music, but items the band finds inspiring.
You can buy the album now on gumroad or through the website on a sliding scale basis The bands website and facebook has new music, news, and press can find the website at: