Friday, May 31, 2013

Reissue: David Sinfield / League Of Nations - Oblique Strategy / Music For A New Depression

In less than 24 hours, the always brilliant Anna Logue Records will be releasing a collection of often sought-after synth tunes. I would go as far as saying that certain appendages were possibly lost in a quest to acquire the original releases. OK, so maybe that's a slight exaggeration on my part. Though, i think you get idea of just how urgent this is. I know i've been salivating over the months leading up to this glorious day. Not a great deal is known about David Sinfield. We do know that, in 1981, he released an eight song cassette titled "Oblique Strategy". Later, in 1984, he would release a six track, 12 inch vinyl titled "Music For A New Depression" This time under the name of League Of Nations. After that, nothing and we we're left wanting more.

This blow has been softened, a bit, with this beautifully packaged and remastered release that includes...

  • 180 grams vinyl with printed Hansaboard outer sleeve
  • Printed inner sleeves with lyrics
  • Double-sided DIN A3 poster
  • Double-sided maxicard
  • Double-sided DIN A6 postcard with credits

Now, pick your jaw up off of the floor, wipe the drool from your chin, and just say "Wow!" Lastly, this is a limited edition release that i'm sure won't be around for long. For more info and sound samples, please visit: Anna Logue Records @ SoundCloud and Anna Logue Records @ Facebook




Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top 20 Albums- Readers' List-1983

1.New Order- Power, Corruption & Lies
'Power, Corruption & Lies' was the second studio album by the English rock band New Order, released in May 1983 on Factory Records. It was well recived back then and even today it is considered as one of the best New order releases. On this album, the sound of New Order has changed compared to their debut album  'Movement' which was still influenced by Joy Division. In 1989, the album was ranked number 94 on Rolling Stone '​s list of the 100 greatest albums of the 1980s, it was ranked at 216 on the NME list of the 500 greatest albums of all time and it was placed at number 28 on Pitchfork Media's list of the best albums of the 1980s. The Album was reissued in 2008.

2. Tears for Fears- The Hurting
'The Hurting' was the debut album by Tears for Fears released in March 1983. The album featured the hit singles "Mad World", "Change", and "Pale Shelter"– all of which reached the Top 5 in the UK. It also contains a new version of the band's first single, "Suffer The Children", which had originally been released in 1981. in 1999 the album was reissued for the first time and included four remixes as bonus tracks and an extensive booklet which described the recording process of the album. A 30th Anniversary reissue was released on 21 October 2013, in both double CD and deluxe 4-disc boxed set editions.

3. Heaven 17- The Luxury Gap
'The Luxury Gap' was the second and the best selling album for Heaven 17 released in 1983 for Virgin Records. The album featured the hit singles 'Temptation', 'Let me Go' and 'Come Live with Me' which brought the band the biggest commercial success. The band performed the album in its entirety on 14 October 2011 at London’s Roundhouse, the first night featured Heaven 17 (Martyn Ware and Glenn Gregory) performing the album in "3-D sound" developed by Ware himself. It was reissued in 2012 including bonus tracks.

4. OMD- Dazzle Ships
'Dazzle Ships' was the third studio release by OMD. It was a follow up to their most successful album 'Arichitecture and Morality' which turned the OMD sound into new direction. The album is noted for its highly experimental content, particularly musique concrète sound collages, utilizing shortwave radio recordings to explore Cold War and Eastern Bloc themes. Two singles were released from the album, "Genetic Engineering" and "Telegraph", which achieved moderate chart success in the United Kingdom and on American rock and college radio. Although it was the commercial flop, this album has always been praised by the critic and considered as underrated masterpiece.

5. The Blue Nile- A Walk Across The Rooftops
‘A Walk Across the Rooftops’ is the debut album by Scottish band The Blue Nile, released in 1983 in Canada/USA and in 1984 in the UK. It was not a huge success upon the initial release, but today it is one of the outstanding albums of this year. Two singles were taken from the album, "Stay" and "Tinseltown in the Rain" reaching only minor success. In November 2012 Virgin Records released two-CD "Collector's Edition" versions of 'A Walk Across the Rooftops' and its follow-up Hats in the UK and Europe, each containing a remastered version of the original album plus a second CD of bonus tracks.

6. Soft Cell- The Art of Falling Apart
'The Art of Falling Apart' was the third album release for Soft Cell on Some Bizzare/Vertigo. Soft Sell continues their dark voyage through the back alleys of a sleazy city which they started on their debut album, but their sond became more gloomier and complex and commercially they could not reach the success of the previous album’s singles. They released ‘Where The Heart is’ and ‘Numbers’.The album was reissued and remastered in 1999.

7. Echo and The Bunnymen- Porcupine
‘Porcupine’ was the third studio album by the English post-punk band Echo & the Bunnymen released on 4 February in 1983. It was band’s highest charting album which even reached the US charts. The album featured the singles "The Cutter" and "The Back of Love". A VHS video called Porcupine – 'An Atlas Adventure' was also released containing six promotional videos of tracks from the album. The album is also listed in the 2006 book ‘1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die’ and it was reissued in 2009 and 2011.

8. Yazoo- You and Me Both
‘You and Me Both’ is the second and final studio album by Yazoo, released on Mute Records in July 1983. The album featured only one single "Nobody’s Diary" as well as the song Happy People for which Vince Clark took over the vocal duties. Even though not originally planned for release, the album managed to chart and even reach number one in some countries. Some critics even consider this to be the better album than their debut. In 2008, the duo made a small reunion for a small tour and as a result, they released 'Reconnected Live'.

9. Depeche Mode- Construction Time Again
‘Construction Time Again’ was the third album by Depeche Mode released on Mute in 1983. This was the first album to feature Alan Wilder, who also wrote two songs. The album was recorded at John Foxx's Garden Studios in London, engineered by Gareth Jones and mixed at the Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin. It featured the hit single "Everything Counts" which is still one of Depeche Mode’s all-time hits. The Album was reissued as collector’s edition in 2007.

10. Cocteau Twins- Head over Heals
‘Head over Heels’ is the second studio album by influential Scottish rock band Cocteau Twins. The album was released in October 1983 by 4AD, and was their first album as a duo of Elizabeth Fraser and Robin Guthrie. The album featured the brilliant tune "Sugar Hiccup" which was also the debut single for the band. In 2003, the album was named one of the most eccentric British albums of all time by Mojo magazine. The album was reissued in 2009.

11.The The- Soul Mining
12.China Crisis- 'Working with Fire and Steel
14.The Chameleons- Script of the Bridge
15.David Bowie- Let's Dance
16.Altered Images- Bite
17.Culture Club- Colour by Numbers
18.Billy Idol- Rebel Yell
19.Violent Femmes- Violent Femmes
20.Kissing The Pink- Naked

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Retrovision: OMD- Messages

OMD released their third single "Messages" in May 1980 and the song entered the UK charts #31 and managed to climb to number #13. The song was taken from OMD's eponymous debut album and it was released as 7" and 10" record. The second version also featured the cover of Velvet Underground's "Waiting for The Man". Today the guys are still active as a duo and have released their 12th studio album "English Electric". Their latest single "Dresden" is out this month.


In Review: Red Fetish- Cardinal Synth

After creating at the early 80's "All The Madmen", Neale James Potts and Mike Richardson, have made a new project called Red Fetish. Neale and Mike are two visionaries of electronic music who have made one LP very amazing for 2013 under the name "Cardinal Synth" essential for the lovers of the minimal/synth. The consecration of Red Fetish was with "The Future Is Now In Your Hands" an EP that was released by the prestigious record label "Anna Logue Records". This EP, received great reviews and Red Fetish quickly became a cult group for the lovers of electronic music. 
Looking to the future, they discover new sounds more purists of the minimal/ synth, borning "Cardinal Synth" as album revelation. Everything is perfectly carefully from the presentation in red vinyl, and with wide range of sounds, ranging between the cutting-edge electronics towards the classic sound he has created school in the popular culture of electronic music. The mastering of the LP, has been done by Dave Hewson (Poeme Electronique/Twins Natalia) and LP design has been done by Steve Lippert. Cardinal Synth is configured as a classic where gems like "Let's Get This Started Parity" " I´m Jofef And I´m Not Ok" "Virtual Dystopia" " The Little Beat Girl" "The Future Makes No Senses" "Cafe Sugiyama" "Culture Of Deceit" and more songs that will make delights if you love the minimal / synth, and the first sounds analog electronics that was given in the early 80's a LP highly recommended. 

A review by Antonio J. Guerrero

A very special Thanks to Antonio!

Orders to Anna Logue Records or Neale James Potts. 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dark Entries Release a Brand New Algebra Suicide Compilation

Dark Entries Records have released a new compilation by Algebra Suicide. The compilations is entitled 'Feminine Squared' and it is an 18 track song collection that collects all 8 songs from the first two EPs, 4 songs from the “Big Skin” cassette, 4 songs from “The Secret Like Crazy”, a song from the “Pas De Deux” compilation, and a previously unreleased song. Lydia and Don call their approach “Avant Garage” citing inspiration from Patti Smith, Frank O’Hara, Leonard Cohen and Lou Reed. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. 
The vinyl comes housed in a glossy black and white jacket featuring the cut up faces of Don and Lydia from “An Explanation For That Flock Of Crows” EP. Each LP includes a newsprint zine with lyrics, photos, liner notes, and clippings. Also included is a full length DVD featuring a 12-song Algebra Suicide concert from 1984, recorded at the Noise Factory in Chicago. Though Lydia passed away in 2007, her genius lives on in these recordings. Please respect her decadence. 

More info and preview

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Factory Benelux Announces the Reissue of Section 25's Love and Hate Album

Factory Benelux presents a newly remastered edition of 'Love & Hate' - the fourth studio album by Section 25, originally issued by Factory Records in 1988. Recorded in 1986 by Larry and Jenny Cassidy after the original group splintered, the self-produced album explores both electronic and acoustic terrain. The 7 bonus tracks include both remixes of Bad News Week by Bernard Sumner of New Order, released as a Factory maxi single. Factory Benelux single Crazy Wisdom also features (produced by Sumner with Donald Johnson of A Certain Ratio), along with several previously unreleased demo tracks and remixes. The album will be out on May 20th.
1. Sweet Forgiveness
2. Conquer Me
3. Sprinkling Petals Into Hell
4. The Last Man in Europe
5. Bad News Week
6. Tim Lick My Knees
7. Shit Creek No Paddle
8. Warhead 9. Carcrash
10. Crazy Wisdom
11. The Guitar Waltz
12. Bad News Week (12" Mix)
13. Bad News Week (Cough Mix)
14. Warhead (Retro Mix)
15. Crazy Wisdom (demo)
16. Boogie Beat (Retro Mix)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Next Wave: Be Quiet

Be Quiet is a five piece group from Bordeaux in France. The group consist of Benjamin Grenier (Vocals/Guitar), Lou Whitechapel (Guitar) Pierre Graber (Bass), Quentin Whitechapel (Drums) and Matei Convard (Keyboards). The group was formed in 2009 and their music is 80's orientated with influences of My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and Joy Division and Interpol. Their music is both noisy and melodic coupling screeching guitars and rhythmic minimalist riffs. Their debut EP 'Primal' was released in April and you can preview the tracks via band's bandcamp page. With the average age of 18 years, seems that future looks promising for the Bordeaux youngsters.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

John Foxx' New Compilation Metadelic Announced for June 3rd

John Foxx returns with a brand compilation in June. Entitled 'Metadelic', this is a brand new 2 CD + DVD compilation and a companion volume to 2010’s 'Metatronic'. CD1 is a mix of psychedelic and lush dream-pop tracks, starting with his highly evocative “The Garden” album in 1981 and brought right up-to-date with some heavily 60s influenced electronic tracks by John Foxx And The Maths. The second disc features a selection of BBC radio sessions from 1983 and 1985, along seven 12” single mixes. Both the radio sessions and the 12” mixes appear on CD for the first time.The five promo videos appear on DVD for the first time, and the performance of “Europe After The Rain” from Top Of The Pops is released for the first time ever. The compilation will be out on June 3rd 2013.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

WAW: Girls Names - Hypnotic Regression

If you just so happened to miss out on the latest and greatest offering from Girls Names, here's your chance. "The New Life", released back in February, is the Belfast quartets second LP and is packed full of melodic guitar-pop / post-punk goodness. Giving a nod to the 80's in the form of  Echo & The Bunnymen, hints of Joy Division, and early tunes by The Cure but instilling their own personal touch. It must be said that it's surely one of my personal favorites of far. The album's first official video for the track "Hypnotic Regression" is a prime example. See and hear for yourself!

For more band info: Girls Names @ Facebook and Girls Names @ YouTube

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Retrovision- Fotostat- Fotostat

The robotic duo Fotostat sadly only released one single back in 1983. Back then like some of their contemporaries, they were quite futuristic and ahead of their time. Today their music videos can be watched on Youtube as rare material. This track is called "Fotostat", and was filmed at the Ultratech club in Glasgow in early 1983.
Screen Cap from the video for the song "Brave New World"

Mathematiques Modernes Debut Reissued on Medical Records

Another great shot form Medical Record that came out in February is the reissue of Mathemstiques Modernes seminal debut album 'Les Visiteurs Du Soir'. This album was released in 1981 on the famous Celluloid imprint, this masterpiece has been out of print since its initial pressing. Mathématiques Modernes was the project of keyboardist Claude Arto and vocalist/lyricist Edwige Braun-Belmore. Arto has also worked with French bands Artefact and Spions. Also, to note, the late French producer Jacno also worked on the Mathématiques Modernes record. This gem needs no introduction to the fans who have enjoyed the classics from this era. The record is a very diverse blend of new wave, almost progressive arrangement, baroque melodies, complex rhythmic structures, and plenty of so called “cold wave” sprinkled in. 
 The original tape masters have been restored and remastered by Gilbert Castro of Celluloid Records. The sound quality is unparalleled. This project has been the collaboration between Mathématiques Modernes, Gilbert Castro, and Medical Records. The jacket features original reproduction artwork on the front and back. This record will surely need to make a mandatory arrival in the collections of fans of French new wave, early synthpop, and lovers of all things late 70s/early 80s. Presented on 180gram grey opaque high-quality vinyl in a limited edition of 1000 hand-numbered copies. Bonus insert included as well with interview of Claude Arto by Dave Segal plus other interesting tidbits. 

 More Info